Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seapunk In The Sunset

At least I think it's seapunk. Maybe it's not. Either way- it's pretty cool.
25th Ave at Judah, SF, CA, 2/26/12
25th Ave at Judah, SF, CA, 2/26/12
25th Ave at Judah, SF, CA, 2/26/12

The octopus is a new feature. I was out here back in August and all I saw were frogs.

To learn more about seapunk- visit Uptown Almanac. Kevin Montgomery's all over it.

Mr. Rooter's Backyard

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye, Sun Valley Market; Hello, Room Service

When last we left Sun Valley Market, it was transforming like a pupa in a cocoon into the elegant "fine food & liquor" market/delivery dynamo, Room Service.
Irving St, SF, CA, 1/21/12

Well, it's done. They even have a website now:

As for the brick & mortar itself? It's pretty much the same place. They cleaned it. Did up the floors. Put in new shelves for the booze and put in a nice new counter.

At this point, the inventory of "fine food and liquors" would appear to be what's left over from the Sun Valley Market days. Like, literally. But, maybe we'll see some new stuff soon.

No fernet so far. Sun Valley Market used to have fernet. Room Service doesn't have it. At least not yet.

But, for now: if you consider Red Vines & Corn Nuts "fine food"; want someone to bring them to you; and you're willing to pay for it- give 'em a click!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love In the Inner Sunset- Addendum

Just thought this was interesting.

Remember those 'i love you' flyers I mentioned recently?
 Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12

I assumed it had to do with this website. I WAS WRONG! I wasn't exactly sure what was up with this site. It appears to still be under construction. They've recently added some more info- and I think Jesus Christ is involved.

Not directly, obviously. He's not writing code and doing layouts. At least I don't think He is. And if He is? Good on Him. A celebrity of His status doesn't have to work. So, He must be pretty passionate about the project. And He's assembled a web team....

Actually, what I wanted to tell you was that if you tear off the little tag-things at the bottom of the flyer and go to the link- ....


(Why? Beats me. That stupid filter let's me see Tumblr accounts that are waaay filthier than...uh... never mind).

... it takes you to a website where you can download a pdf of the flyer, click on a link to their Google blog (we're internet neighbors!) and a link to their Twitter. Of course. Everybody's got a Twitter account. Jesus probably has a Twitter account. I need to step up my game, man.

Anyway, I'm guessing i love you, too, (aka ) has nothing to do with Jesus' website. Sorry for the confusion.

So, what have we learned? There's a lot of love out there on the internet; both religious and secular. And kinky; when you include Tumblr. It's very confusing.

As Shakespeare might have said: 'Click not wisely but too well'.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love In The Inner Sunset

Here's a little Valentine's Day Eve present for you courtesy of the project. (You might be able to glean a little more info here as well).

The flyers have been popping up all over The City lately. Last week, I noticed these festooned to the chain link fence around the old Mohawk gas station on Irving. I'm not sure who added the pithy remarks to them. But, one has to admire the spirit of participation. As always- click on the pic to get a better view!

Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12

The INSIDE OUT Art Project Makes the Scene In the Inner Sunset
Crosswalk Colorforms Part 2

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

R.I.P. Sun Valley Market: UPDATE

As I mentioned before, the Sun Valley Market is no more. It's soon to be replaced by something called Room Service, a "high-end food & wine market" (at least according to the guy who designed the logo).

I was talking about it with my friend, Diana, and she said they were going to include home delivery. The next day, I saw this as I was walking back from my Sunday adventures:
10th Ave, SF, CA, 1/29/12
How long has that been there?! I have really got to start paying attention...

The only website I could find for a store called Room Service is a furniture store in Hayes Valley that's part of some mini-chain.

BUT, I Googled the phone number pictured above and got this. So, they're in the phone book at least!

Will a fancy food & wine home delivery/personal shopping service fly in these belt-tightening times? I guess we'll just have to wait & see.

Thanks to Diana Brown for help with this report!

The Brick Wall/Terry's Lodge Update: New Doors!