Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love In the Inner Sunset- Addendum

Just thought this was interesting.

Remember those 'i love you' flyers I mentioned recently?
 Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA, 2/5/12

I assumed it had to do with this website. I WAS WRONG! I wasn't exactly sure what was up with this site. It appears to still be under construction. They've recently added some more info- and I think Jesus Christ is involved.

Not directly, obviously. He's not writing code and doing layouts. At least I don't think He is. And if He is? Good on Him. A celebrity of His status doesn't have to work. So, He must be pretty passionate about the project. And He's assembled a web team....

Actually, what I wanted to tell you was that if you tear off the little tag-things at the bottom of the flyer and go to the link- ....


(Why? Beats me. That stupid filter let's me see Tumblr accounts that are waaay filthier than...uh... never mind).

... it takes you to a website where you can download a pdf of the flyer, click on a link to their Google blog (we're internet neighbors!) and a link to their Twitter. Of course. Everybody's got a Twitter account. Jesus probably has a Twitter account. I need to step up my game, man.

Anyway, I'm guessing i love you, too, (aka ) has nothing to do with Jesus' website. Sorry for the confusion.

So, what have we learned? There's a lot of love out there on the internet; both religious and secular. And kinky; when you include Tumblr. It's very confusing.

As Shakespeare might have said: 'Click not wisely but too well'.

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