Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodbye, Sun Valley Market; Hello, Room Service

When last we left Sun Valley Market, it was transforming like a pupa in a cocoon into the elegant "fine food & liquor" market/delivery dynamo, Room Service.
Irving St, SF, CA, 1/21/12

Well, it's done. They even have a website now:

As for the brick & mortar itself? It's pretty much the same place. They cleaned it. Did up the floors. Put in new shelves for the booze and put in a nice new counter.

At this point, the inventory of "fine food and liquors" would appear to be what's left over from the Sun Valley Market days. Like, literally. But, maybe we'll see some new stuff soon.

No fernet so far. Sun Valley Market used to have fernet. Room Service doesn't have it. At least not yet.

But, for now: if you consider Red Vines & Corn Nuts "fine food"; want someone to bring them to you; and you're willing to pay for it- give 'em a click!

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