Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling...

Why should the sides of buildings get all the attention?
Howard St, SF, July 26 2010Howard St, SF, July 26 2010Minna St, SF, July 27 2010Minna St, SF, July 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SF In July

is a foggy affair. Especially for those of us in The Avenues.

Snapped this with my phone (hence no flash) at about 8pmish on a Saturday evening.

It's moody. I like it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

House of Shields Update

I spotted this the other day as I was trudging past the House of Shields on my way home...
Monday evening, July 19, SF
(Sorry it's not a closer pic. But, there were 2 people standing in front of it taking forever to get their own pics of it)

Anyway, if I read the liquor license thing in the window correctly, the new owners intend to keep the name. That's good.

But, this "love note" feels, I don't know, insincere. It's obviously put there by the new owners(?) to keep hope alive in those of us who need a quick shot before getting on the N. It just feels cynical.

But, what the hell do I know?

Well, actually, I do know one thing: go to Dave's on 3rd St to get that quick shot before Muni for the time being.

 And let's hope the new House of Shields is as great as the old one.

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Stickering It To "The Man": WACKO 1

Donna & I were running errands today when her attention was drawn to the bumper sticker on this here Parking Control Officer's little car-thing...
Irving St, July 24, SF

Irving St, July 24, SF

We here at Beej Weir's Blog don't advocate assaulting people at all. We're lovers, not fighters (and even then we're not really good lovers). But, we do have to applaud an opportunity well-seized. Nice one, Mystery Sticker-er!

You'll find the WACKO 1 website here...

PS: I swear, it was this way when we found it...

PPS: We here at Beej Weir's Blog also don't really advocate stickering stuff that's not yours to sticker. We're pretty sure it's illegal. We just admire chutzpah.

And thanks, Uptown Almanac!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blue On Blue

I saw this as I was walking home the other night...
Thursday Evening, Irving St, SF

I didn't want to disturb it. It looked so perfect; all blue on blue.

Seriously- I didn't touch it. I have no idea what the damn thing's about.

You see before you an image of a copy of Rosicrucian Library Volume XXVI by Ralph M. Lewis. (this bio is shorter and has mystic acronyms).

One of these days, I have to visit the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose.

(I've seen the Winchester Mystery House already- but didn't take the garden sculpture tour. Maybe another time. No. I'm just saying that to be polite)

Back in the '80s, I had a copy of Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific (Rosicrucian Library - Vol. XII). It was a red hardcover with gold lettering. In a nutshell: survivors (or their descendants, or something) of the lost continent of Lemuria (the Atlantis of the Pacific) are living on Mt. Shasta. 

But, that's another story.  

I'm not sure what's become of the Lemuria book. Which is kind of why I didn't snatch this one up; yet another thing to lose.

But, I also thought: maybe this book was meant for someone else. Let them touch it.

I just liked the blue on blue.