Saturday, September 25, 2010

Are Chest Beards the Mullets of the Millennium?

Minna St, SF, 9/23/10
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Saw this stuck to a dumpster downtown on my way home.

Is this a thing the kids are into now? Well, the kids who can grow chest hair, at least? Have we really run out of things to do?

And YES- I realize it can be considered a waste of time to BLOG about it. Don't bring me down.

As for the sentiment of the sticker: I'm not so sure.

People who engage in chest beardery seem to be making a very conscious decision to have & maintain one. And, dammit, they want you to know about it.

Meanwhile, people get mullets because that's the way they want their hair cut. There's an unconsciousness about the decision. They think it's cool. It's the way they want their hair.

But, they're not all: "Check out my MULLET!" They get their haircut and move on with their lives.

Apples & oranges.

Besides, isn't it a bit early in the millennium to decide this stuff?

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