Saturday, July 24, 2010

House of Shields Update

I spotted this the other day as I was trudging past the House of Shields on my way home...
Monday evening, July 19, SF
(Sorry it's not a closer pic. But, there were 2 people standing in front of it taking forever to get their own pics of it)

Anyway, if I read the liquor license thing in the window correctly, the new owners intend to keep the name. That's good.

But, this "love note" feels, I don't know, insincere. It's obviously put there by the new owners(?) to keep hope alive in those of us who need a quick shot before getting on the N. It just feels cynical.

But, what the hell do I know?

Well, actually, I do know one thing: go to Dave's on 3rd St to get that quick shot before Muni for the time being.

 And let's hope the new House of Shields is as great as the old one.

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