Saturday, August 8, 2009

Destination: Downieville

At the end of July, Donna and I joined our friend Marie on a little Gold Rush country getaway- the Lure Resort in Downieville, CA to be exact.

Downieville has a pretty colorful history. It's hard to believe this tiny place with a population of 300 or so was once home to 5,000 49ers (as in gold miners, not football players). It must have been a fucking madhouse.

It's also the only place in California to have ever lynched a woman. Her name was Juanita. She stabbed a miner. There's a breakfast named after her at the local diner.

Interesting place.
IMGP1176IMGP1150Downieville, CA  Aug 1, 2009 02IMGP1203IMGP1139IMGP1173IMGP1237IMGP1219IMGP1148

There's more on my flickr page...

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  1. Great little town, I've been camping up near there a few times.
    -Kelle, who followed your link from Facebook....