Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fireworks at The Fireside

If you've spent enough time in SF you'll know: July is (usually) a foggy month. This makes viewing Fourth of July fireworks tricky.

It can be fun to watch the multi-colored fog to a musical accompaniment with a huge crowd that you then get to share an N Judah with.

But, I wasn't in the mood for that this year.

Instead, I watched the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks "live" from NY at The Fireside.

I would have watched the multi-colored fog "live" from SF.

But, no one was televising it.

So much for local programming.


  1. well, I have to say the NY Macy's show was pretty awesome, if predictably sappy.

  2. It was indeed both of those things, my friend!

    (I expect sap on the 4th of July- it helps hide the taste of bitter reality).

    We switched over to the Boston Pops fireworks after the Macy's show was over. We were watching with the sound off, mind you- and I got bored watching Neil Diamond high-fiving random people in the crown while he (probably) sang "Coming To America". So, I left The Fireside & made my way home.