Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Irving Street Crime Beat: Junior Edition

Donna and I were walking home the other night and found this abandoned car (I didn't check to see if the keys were still in the ignition- I didn't want to tamper with a possible crime scene).
Irving St, SF, CA 12/13/11
I hope this kid had insurance.
Donna thought maybe it was some drunken toddler. I wondered if this was perhaps the work of a delinquent gang of preschoolers: they "jacked" the car (I think that's the term), drove it madly along Irving Street and then wrecked it; Callously, they walked away from the not-burning wreckage.
Irving St, SF, CA 12/13/11
They were probably hopped-up on the Cap'n Crunch...

This neighborhood ain't what it used to be

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