Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sutro Tower

Donna & I were on our way home from our lil (waaay too little) August getaway to Lake Tahoe.

After crossing the Bay Bridge, we were greeted by a thick bank of delicious fog.

I put my trusty Pentax on "action" mode and did what I could. Please click on the pic for a better view.

Sutro Tower, SF, CA, 8/25/11, 01Sutro Tower, SF, CA, 8/25/11, 02

Not bad, considering I was in a moving car...

UPDATE: So, there's a blog on Tumblr called We Built This City that I like a lot. As it so happens, the blogmeister of said site (known as "GG") is a fan of Sutro Tower. So, I sent GG the flickr links and lo and behold: one of my pics is on their other blog, the Sutro Tower Fan Club. Thanks, GG!

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