Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA

Here's my favorite abandoned gas station: The Mohawk Gas Station on Irving and 16th Ave. I walk past it every day on my way to work. Time seems to stand still behind that chain link fence. And then there was that one time with the elephant...

I've snapped a few pics over the years. Please click on them to get a better view.

Irving@16th Ave, SF, CA, 7/14/09Irving@16th Ave, SF, CA, 7/14/0916th Ave@Irving, SF, CA, 7/14/09Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA 11/27/10Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA 11/27/10Mohawk Gas Station, SF, CA 11/27/10

From the the Western Neighborhoods Project website...

Mohawk Station (SE corner of 16th)—One of the last truly "old" gas stations in San Francisco, dating from the years around World War I. Built of brownish-orange brick, with just a single island for service, it's been a long time since they dispensed gasoline. History buffs should go and get a look before "progress" does the place in for good. This was just one of many gas stations (Texaco, Richfield, Flying A, etc.) that used to dot Irving and so many other business streets in the western neighborhoods until about the 1980s when they began to disappear, one by one. Streetwise- Irving Insights

Here's a photo of the station from 1978- when the gas pumps were still there.

Morning In An Elephants Graveyard

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