Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Don't Think We're Ready For These Jellies

Donna and I finally got around to checking out the CA Academy of Sciences the other day...
Steinhart Aquarium, SF, CA 11/11/10
These jellyfish are lucky. They escaped the Great Moon Jelly Massacre of 2010...

The tank they're in has lights that slowly change color (that's why they're red). It reminded me of this candle I saw at CIRCOLO Restaurant once...

(I was testing the camcorder on my then-new, semi-smart phone)

Anyway, a day or so after I took the jellyfish picture, a bazillion moon jellies washed up on Ocean Beach!

The good folks at The Ocean Beach Bulletin were on the scene immediately. They've got some great pics over there. Check it out. I'll wait.

(I didn't go down to see the carnage. I've seen beached jellyfish before. More importantly- I've smelled beached jellyfish before! Nooo, thanks)

In a follow-up story, the OBB interviewed an expert on invertebrates who said it's not unusual or anything to worry about.

Unless you're a jellyfish, of course.

The CIRCOLO Interlude
Starfish Trooper


  1. Great post! I had to laugh at the San Francisco resident who thought she might be hallucinating at the sight of so many beached jellies.

  2. Thanks, bb! It must have been quite a sight for the folks who take regular walks on the beach, etc. Between this and the clipper wreckage making a re-appearance, Ocean Beach has been busy!