Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outer Sunset Sunday Stroll

This Sunday was a bit dreary, weather-wise. Maybe not for you. But, the Inner & Outer Sunsets in SF? Kinda dreary.

I'd much prefer to think about last Sunday!

Donna and I took a walk down Irving Street last Sunday. It was 10/10/10; The weather was warm & sunny; I needed to get beer from Easy Money (they've got 12packs of Sapporo for $9.99 before tax). It's, like, we had no choice.

We decided to go all the way to the beach & back. Here's some stuff we saw...

Irving St, SF, CA, 10/10/10
The sign's a bit misleading; There's usually people on the street. Here, it looks like a scene from On The Beach.

Pastel 01
I couldn't take my eyes off this. I don't usually title pictures unless something really jumps out at me. I originally called this "When There's No Getting Over That Rainbow". But, that's too sad. And kind of trite.
I settled on "Pastel 01"
Irving St@41st Ave, SF, CA, 10/10/10
Medieval barbers would also provide medical & dental services. Nostalgia meets innovation.
Irving St & 42nd Ave, SF, CA, 10/10/10
Alas, this photo does the artwork no justice...
Irving@46th Ave, SF, CA, 10/10/10
Out in front of the surf shop...
Irving@46th Ave, SF, CA, 10/10/10
Irving St@La Playa, SF, CA 10/10/10

The Blue Angels were flying around, too. But, I've never really had any luck getting photos. Just Google them and you'll be fine.

All in all, it was a lovely day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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