Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Blogging?

Great Stuff, SF, CA, 10/9/10

Before I get too carried away, I do have to say that I'm really glad Accoutrements exists. They have the best plastic crap around. Sure, it's probably assisting in the destruction of our planet environmentally (and maybe even a little morally). But, we'll go out laughing.

That being said: "Night Blogging"?!

Who blogs at night in the dark? And why? And isn't the light from the screen enough? And doesn't having 5 electric vermin attached to your fingers make it harder to type?

(not to mention the fact you'd need to buy 2 sets if you wanted to go full-out on both hands)

We'll just ignore the fact that these "rats" don't appear to have long, skinny tails (which would make them more "Party Hamsters" or "Party Chipmunks" or "Party Gophers" or "Party Capybaras", really. SEE UPDATE BELOW).

What gets me is this: they're just not much in the way of "Party Rats" if they're hanging out in front of a computer, blogging. Based on the picture on the package- shouldn't these rodents be out "raving". Do people still rave? It's called "raving", right?

This all just raises more questions than it answers. But, maybe that's the point. Here I am blogging about it. You win this one, Accoutrements! Well played.

(I'm still not buying them, though. C'mon)

One thing I am sure of: Great Stuff is a wonderful store. You should go. Buy something. The name of the store says it all.

And if you're into "night blogging"? Get your bad ass a set of Party Rats. Hell, buy 2 sets. Life's short.

UPDATE: "Party Guinea Pigs". They could be called that, too.

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