Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bob Wilkins Stow Lake Boathouse Blues

I'm kind of "late to the party" on this. But, there's a seasonal tie-in (hint: it's Halloween).

So, this whole replacing the Stow Lake Boathouse with this new thing has me a little sad.

The current boathouse is charming in its, well, shabbiness. It reminds me of places I'd visited when I was a kid. I appreciate the comfy, low-key quality. It's not like I'm renting pedal boats all the time. But, when Donna & I take a walk around the lake, I enjoy seeing it there.

Look, I understand: time marches on. The boathouse is also a tourist attraction (it is in Golden Gate Park after all). And, if there's money to be made, by God, made it shall be.

BUT, if the old boathouse goes away, so will this awesome sticker what's stuck to it...
Bob Wilkins rules.
Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!

and that's a shame. I took this pic back in June of this year. I hope it's still there.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about replacing the boathouse right now. But, if you're against it, you should check out the Save Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition.

PS: I can't believe I haven't seen Watch Horror Films- Keep America Strong.

PPS: I met Bob Wilkins twice when I was a kid.

PPPS: If you like old horror movies & weird stuff in general, check out Monster Movie Music and Beyond. Eegah!! & Tabonga! are terrific.

UPDATE 12/04/2010: Well, the Rec and Park Commission voted to approve the Ortega lease and say goodbye to the family that ran the boathouse for 65 years. So, it's all up to the Board of Supervisors (and maybe the Historic Preservation Commission) now

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