Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crosswalk Colorforms

The other day I was crossing Howard Street and saw this in the crosswalk...
Between Howard & Hawthorne, SF, 8/2/10

A few days later I saw another one like it crossing Stanyan around Haight.

Then, a few days after that, on New Montgomery I see...
Between New Montgomery & Mission, SF, 8/9/10

Some kind of sticker? I don't think it's paint & stencil. I haven't had a chance to really check them out. I always seem to encounter them when The City's on the move. Stopping in the crosswalk, kneeling down & picking at these little yellow mysteries doesn't seem like a good idea.

But, if anyone knows anything- please leave a comment!

But, wait! There's more!


  1. They remind me of the latex pieces that are kind of like paper doll parts. Hard to explain...They weren't just clothes, but also parts of a scene that could me moved around...

    Sigh. I can't describe exactly what I mean. Anyway, cool post! I love those little guys, whatever they are.

  2. Colorforms! That's IT! You're a genius, bb! Thank you. That's exactly what these are like.